Libero Virginia Announces a Mini Volleyball Clinic Special Price

Libero Virginia volleyball club has just announced a special price of only $90/month for attending its Mini Volleyball Clinic Mini Volleyball program focuses on the basics of passing, setting, attacking and serving and also on games specifically designed to teach young athletes various components of volleyball. This program utilizes lower nets and smaller courts to […]


LIBERO VIRGINIA VOLLEYBALL CLUB OFFERS BRAND NEW FACILITY AND COACHES! Athletic Games are always famous among the young ones. The Indoor Games like Volleyball easily attract youngsters, since they are played moving the bodies briskly and achieving “Goals” within minutes, inviting uproars from the audience. Volleyball can be played only in safe and sound Stadia, […]

Become a Stronger Outside Hitter

As an volleyball athlete you feel a range of emotions each day in practice. Whether it be excitement from scoring, anger from being scored on, or frustration with learning a new skill. Emotions play an important part in volleyball performance; however, it is equally as important to control your attitude regardless of your emotions. While […]

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