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Libero Virginia Promotes New Coach Nadezhda Shulga

Libero Virginia has recently presented a new staff member – coach Nadezhda Shulga

Volleyball in Ashburn can be practiced in Libero Virginia. The main goal of this club is to help players improve their technical skills. Two professional volleyball coaches are in charge of volleyball in Libero Virginia. Their routine is to conclude every volleyball session in Ashburn with a friendly scrimmage. Volleyball is a great way for everyone to get exercise and meet new friends. Also, every player can play and learn a fun sport. It is not important if an individual comes to Libero Virginia for fun or to compete, he will practice and improve his volleyball technical skills.

Libero Virginia offers the well-equipped and spacious open gym in Ashburn to all present and future members. It is planned for the maximum number of 12 players per session. In this open gym in Ashburn, $8 is a fee per player. Libero Virginia should be contacted to book a spot in the open gym in Ashburn.

Libero Virginia offers private volleyball lessons in Virginia. These lessons are the most convenient for those volleyball players who want to get more from the volleyball game. It is the individual coach’s attention which is devoted to a volleyball player, no matter his volleyball experience. Private volleyball lessons are aimed at beginners, juniors, high school, club, college or university volleyball players. Private volleyball lessons in Virginia make every player reach his volleyball goals faster with ironing out all bad habits in his playing technique which may be present. Libero Virginia’s team has developed a specific teaching approach that gives evident results and helps anyone show his full volleyball potential.

Libero Virginia offers well-organized and fair volleyball tryout sessions. Tryouts can be stressful for athletes and it’s not easy to be tested and evaluated fairly. Libero Virginia’s team ensures thorough and planned volleyball tryout sessions for all athletes. These tryouts consist of one session of one and a half hours in length. That is a good opportunity for every athlete to get many opportunities to be evaluated. Athletes participate in physical testing along with volleyball activities.

Libero Virginia is dedicated to providing interesting, high-quality programs with experienced coaches focused on safety, healthy minds, strong bodies and good mood with a tradition of excellence. Its mission is to help kids to build their self-esteem and self-confidence through sport. It’s a good place to learn everything about volleyball, a healthy lifestyle, and a passion for sports. Its coaches come with fresh energy and a lot of experience from the United States and Europe. They are dedicated to their students. Libero Virginia is the right place to learn about team spirit, to learn how to become a winner and to respect a rival. At Libero, Virginia children meet new friends with whom they can share the joy of victory and the hard work at the practices.

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